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Welcome to the Monteray Shores Guest Information Center

We here at Monteray Shores want your visit to be a safe, secure and pleasant one. We strive to provide you with the best of amenities as well as a clean and well kept environment. If you will be visiting the Outer Banks and staying in our Community, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some of the rules and regulations that are intended to keep our neighborhood safe, clean, and enjoyable for everyone. Several Currituck County laws are also included.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please use the "contact" feature to e-mail either the Board of Directors, Architectural Committee or the Clubhouse. For information regarding accommodations, local attractions and/or services found within Corolla, please click onto "Local Services and Businesses" found on the home page.

Monteray Shores is a private community. All amenities are for the exclusive use of Monteray Shores residents and their guests during normal business hours of the Clubhouse. To ensure the amenities remain exclusive to our owners and guests, Monteray Shores enforces an identifying wrist-band policy. Anyone needing emergency access to the boat launch after hours, please call the Clubhouse at 252-453-4945.

Currituck County reminds everyone do not feed any wild animals, which include the feral cats. Ordinance #3-87 A states in part that it is unlawful for any person in the county knowingly or intentionally feeding any animal that does not belong to him, unless he has, within 72 hours from the time such animal came into his possession, notified the animal control officer and such person places the animal in a shelter to be dealt with.

On behalf of our home owners, we wish you the very best vacation stay and hope you can come back soon!!

Here is some important information regarding your visit with us, from contact information and regulations to street maps and the weather.

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Garbage Pickup Schedule
  • Bulk Items Left for Garbage Pickup
  • Parking on the Street Prohibited in Currituck County
  • A Fishing License is Required in No. Carolina
  • Use of Fireworks Prohibited in Currituck County
  • Golf Carts are not permitted in Monteray Shores community
  • Clubhouse Hours
  • Activities offered at the Clubhouse
  • Monteray Shores Color Coded Wristbands Required
  • Advertising on Monteray Shores Website
  • Corolla Street Maps
  • 5 day Corolla Weather Outlook
  • Monteray Shores Covenants/By-laws

    • * Emergency Contact Information
      • 911 for all Fire, Rescue, Police, Ambulance, Medical emergencies.
      • 252-232-2216 Currituck County Sheriff Dispatcher.
      • 252-722-2722 for Kathy Scott, General Manager, Monteray Shores
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    • * Garbage Pickup Schedule
      • Pickup is Wednesday's and Saturdays during the season and Wednesdays only off season. Have your dumpster(s) at the curb prior to 6AM and in before 4PM. Inclement weather and major holidays may delay pick-up by one day. Bay Services Contact # is
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    • * Bulk Items Left for Garbage Pickup
      • Bay Disposal will not pick up any garbage or recycling that is not placed into the containers. Any item(s) found left at curbside for pickup (i.e. hot tub covers, chairs, extra garbage, etc.) will be removed and placed back onto the owner's property with a notice from the Architectural Committee. If the item(s) is found at curbside a second time and is not picked up within 10 days by Bay Disposal, the item(s) will be removed and disposed of properly, and the owner shall be invoiced for services rendered by Monteray Shores. Please call Bay Disposal at 252-491-5105. This service is usually provided at no extra cost.
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    • * Parking on the Street Prohibited in Currituck County
      • Currituck County prohibits parking on the street, except in designated areas. Monteray Shores adheres to these regulations. Cars must be parked in the driveway or in designated parking areas. The Currituck County Sheriff's department shall consider any vehicle parked on the street illegal unless all four tires are off the road. Please do not park your boat and/or trailer or camper in either of the clubhouse parking lots without permission from Monteray Shores. Please do not use campers for sleeping or extra space. Anyone found violating these rules shall be towed.
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    • * A Fishing License is Required
      • A Coastal Recreational Fishing License is required for anglers 16 and older who want to fish in North Carolina's coastal waters. Go online @ or call - the # is 1-888-248-6834 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sat & Sun (May 1-Sept. 30).
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    • * Use of Fireworks and Chinese Sky Lanterns Prohibited in Currituck County
      • Although consumers may find fireworks sold within County lines, individuals are prohibited from "shooting off" or igniting any fireworks. The description of "fireworks" includes any device that leaves the ground or explodes. Fines of $500.00 are imposed, court appearance is mandatory, and the fireworks are confiscated. Sparklers are permissable, except when North Carolina declares a ban on Open Burning due to dry conditions.
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    • * Non-Registered Golf Carts are not permitted within Monteray Shores community
      • Although Currituck County has limitations on golf cart operations within the County, Section 9.10 "Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, Etc." of the Monteray Shores' Covenants and ByLaws PROHIBIT the outside storage or parking of golf carts upon any lot, or within any portion of the Common Areas. Therefore, any person(s) found driving or using a non-registered golf cart shall be asked to immediately cease using the golf cart.
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    • * Clubhouse Hours
      • Monteray Shores community amenities are available to owners and their guests. The Clubhouse offers a well-equipped fitness center, outdoor pool/wading pool, wireless internet access, palyground, basketball, tennis, and a children's play room. The Community has two piers,bike/hike trails and a boat launch for sound access for small personal watercraft. From Memorial Day to Labor Day (in season), we also offer fee-based activities for all ages and bike/kayak rental. We do not offer childcare. Wristbands identifying owners and guests are necessary, and will be provided upon your check-in to the clubhouse. Please check in with the clubhouse for more information. The clubhouse gym, tennis and basketball court is opened to the general public for a nominal fee. Of course, Monteray Shores guests will have first use option available.

        As of September 9, 2017, the clubhouse will be opened five days per week, closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Please call or visit the clubhouse for information at 252-453-4945. The gym is available all season to those over the age of 16 during normal business hours. Closed-toe shoes must be worn in the gym. PLEASE NOTE that anyone 16 years of age or younger must be under the immediate supervision of an adult 18 years of age or older when using any of the amenities.

        Monteray Shores is the only community on the North Beach that offers a boat launch for small craft (kayak, sailboat, jet ski).The boat launch is available ONLY during regular clubhouse business hours and ONLY to homeowners and guests. Please check in with the clubhouse to access the launch. Please have your wristband for ID.

        Monteray Shores Clubhouse phone number is 252-453-4945. 925 South Harbor View, Corolla, NC 27927. Clubhouse Staff are happy to answer any questions, or contact our Clubhouse Manager,Nancy Anzalone.
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    • * Activities available at the Clubhouse
      • CLICK HERE to see a sample of Monteray Shores activities available during the summer.
      • A few special activities are offered for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Look for special events for Easter, Memorial Day (join us for a barbeque!) and the Fourth of July (another barbeque!) where there are plenty of games and prizes scheduled throughout the day! Please call or visit the clubhouse for more information. Clubhouse phone 252-453-4945.
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    • * Color Coded Wrist Bands
      • GUESTS
        • For guests, wrist bands are available only from the Clubhouse and ONLY the Primary Contact Person on the rental agreement contract is allowed to pick up all the wrist bands for everyone in their entire attending group.   Wrist bands should be picked up when the Primary Contact Person registers at the Monteray Shores Clubhouse. Please have your driver's license available. Wrist band colors change every week, so if you are staying with us for longer than 1 week, you will need to return to the Clubhouse for the new color. Wrist bands ARE NOT to be returned or turned back in both for health and safety reasons. Please properly dispose of your wrist band upon completion of your stay with us. Wrist bands are strictly controlled and their use is adamantly enforced by the Monteray Shores Management Staff. Wrist bands must be worn at all time at any Monteray Shores Facility.
        • Please inquire at the receptionist desk upon your first visit to the clubhouse. ID is required when requesting the wrist bands for both guests and homeowners.
        • May not permit any other family member or guest to use the Homeowner's bands. Family members and guests will be issued other wristbands during their visit.
        • Should register on this website to view other pertinent information regarding the wristbands. For security, it is requested that any homeowner that does not have their property in a rental program but will have guests coming to Monteray Shores, e-mail the clubhouse to register the name of your guests and date of arrival and departure. If the homeowner has guests with them, please come into the clubhouse to receive your guests wristbands. You may contact the clubhouse through the link "Contact Us", or e-mail at
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    • * Advertising on Monteray Shores Website
      • For $60.00 per year businesses can be advertised on the Monteray Shores website. Weekly advertisements are available for $5.00 per week. In addition, for those advertising on the website, there is an exclusive area set up in the receptionist area to display any printed material for homeowners and guests to pick up. Businesses interested in advertising on our website may contact the General Manager at 252-722-2722 or click on "Contact Us" located on first page for more information.
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    • * Monteray Shores Covenants/By-laws
      • Click here to download Monteray Shores Covenants. Please review the document carefully to fully understand the proper administration and enforcement of the common properties and facilities of Monteray Shores. Click here to view valid For Sale Sign.

      • Click here to download Monteray Shores By-Laws. Please review the document carefully to fully understand the proper administration and enforcement of the common properties and facilities of Monteray Shores.
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